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Wormhole is a coffee dosing ring created to support baristas to make all the ground coffee fall into the filter.

The Wormhole behaves like a funnel, thus avoiding waste. It also allows you to keep the station clean without coffee shedding.

Entirely in plastic, it is very light and in the inner part of the ring, the one in contact with the filter holder, there are small magnets that make the installation of the Wormhole on the filter holder quick, simple and stable. The accidental fall is thus impossible.


Important note: The peculiarity of the Wormhole lies in its magnets.

The Wormhole is available in three colors (black, blue and red) that indicate the different arrangement of the magnets at the base of the ring.

Red ring with downward N pole, positive: The taste of coffee is sweeter, sourer, looking brighter


The Wormhole is designed to be used with 58mm filter holders but thanks to the rubber rim included in the box it also adapts to those with a smaller diameter of 53mm.


How to use:

Place the Wormhole on the filter holder
Grind the coffee in the filter
Level and press the coffee
Remove the Wormhole
Attach the filter holder and brew your espresso.