Brand: Clockwork Espresso
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precision, consistency and ergonomics combined with an unique design


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PUSH is made in England, to exceptionally high standards. Its unique ultra-low friction base coating prevents coffee grounds from sticking, and the 58.50mm base is made from hardened surgical grade stainless steel.

PUSH is a revolutionary coffee tamper which solves 3 of the key problems with tamping:

  1. Precision: Stepless adjustment allows precise setting to 0.1mm depth measurements, and guarantees perfectly level and exact tamping every time.
  2. Consistency: Produces identical results from every user, meaning fewer mistakes, less variation between espresso shots, and less wastage.
  3. Ergonomics: Designed for everyday use, putting the barista’s health first. PUSH is the only tamper developed with and tested by Ergonomics experts, to reduce the risk of injury.




  1. To set your PUSH, unlock the screw using the supplied tool, and unwind the handle to raise it to the maximum setting. Weigh out your desired dose of freshly ground coffee into your portafilter basket.
  2. While taking care to keep it level, apply pressure to the top of your PUSH, until the coffee grounds are tamped to your desired density.
  3. Check the PUSH is still level, and wind the handle in to lower the handle until it makes contact with the portafilter basket. Gently tighten the screw to lock the setting, and brew your espresso.